Mireille takes care of it


Our method


You are orientating on designing a great program for an important group. Perhaps you have already arranged part of it, or are you looking for assistance in organising the entire program? I am happy to help you!

How does it work?

Simply tell us what you like. Shortly brief us on what the reason and purpose of the program is, what type of company it concerns, what kind of program you have in mind and if possible, your budget.


I like working in an open and honest way. We always communicate the actual costs of packages, restaurants, etc. You’ll be charged an organisation fee for arranging the entire program, including the financial settlements. You’ll know exactly in advance what the costs will be.

Would you like me to be on site during your event? Depending on the entire program, there might be an additional hourly rate involved. Sometimes, I receive commission from external locations, causing surcharges to be waived. All of this will be clear from the quotation.

It will be fine!


If desired, someone from the team is present on location to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When a lot of logistics have to be done, such as the complete make-over of an existing location, we understand that it is nice to have a fixed point of contact.


Marvelous Meetings & Events likes to put you at ease.